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Llogari Casas - Games & 3D Models


The purpose of the game is to divulge social awareness of the need to learn English as a second language, focusing the game on learning words for the improvement of its vocabulary knowledge.

Given the internationalization of businesses and communications, the increased use of English in everyday basis is undeniable. We think that knowledge of English and its proper use is crucial to tackling the labour market today. Hence the idea of ​​developing an educational game on English vocabulary.

The player must create real English words in order to collect points and gain the maximum punctuation along the way.

Super Mario

Classic version of the Super Mario using Unity 3D for a desktop based build.

3D Objects Integration

Integration of 3D objects in a tracked video shoot using Voodoo Tracker, Maya and 3ds Max.

Outsiders: Countdown To Extinction

Contributed to the creation of an Augmented Reality role game for Android developed by the Computer Vision Center lab of UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Research experience implied creating and optimizing 3D models to minimize the GPU render time. Further research done by Doctoral researches, in conjunction with all the research done during the AR game development process, let Ph.D. fellows disclose a publication in ScienceDirect.

Character Animation Guidelines

Animation guidelines for the characters of the game prototype produced in the Digital Media Project subject in conjunction with students across other disciplines.

3D Animated Stories

A Lego adventure features an incredible adventure from one of the most played toys in the world.

Science and religion is a one-minute animation set in the renaissance era (c. 1400-1500 AD) focused in the differences between the religion and science in this period of time. Project developed in conjunction with Steven Payne and Sammy Butler.